Disruption Everywhere. Time to SHOW INNOVATION.

    Disruption is the new normal and everything is changing.

    The way employees are engaging with the enterprise is changing, customer demands are changing, the competitive landscape is changing and our channels and partnerships are changing.

    The question for Boards, CEO’s and business leaders is how do you respond? How do you play to win? How do you make sure you continue to have relevance and impact?

    It’s time, to Show Innovation

    Innovation happens everywhere, not only in the products and services we produce, but also in the way we think and execute, in the way we lead and engage, in the way we learn & teach, in the way we co-operate and compete.

    Join me, on SHOW INNOVATION, my new online show as I interview Australian innovators from startups, to enterprise, to government and not for profit, and together we’ll learn about their stories, strategies and lessons on disruption, innovation and impact.

    We’ve already got an exciting line up of over 20 confirmed guests, including:

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    Sidney Minassian


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    Show Innovation